Burlap Bags
Burlap is a very eco-friendly,
biodegradable, durable and
printable material.
Used for: Nuts, Coffee Beans,
Dried Beans & Peas, Potatoes,
Grain, Rice, and Livestock Feed.
Burlap Bags

Woven Polypropylene Mesh Bags
Woven poly mesh bags are durable
light-weight and have a draw tape
woven in for top closing of the bag.
Used for: Onions, Potatoes,
Citrus Fruits, Nuts, Carrots,
Corn on the Cob, Shellfish,
Firewood and Wood Shavings.

Woven Polypropylene Mesh Bags
Multiwall Paper Bags
  Multiwall paper bags are
extremely durable with
tuck in sleeve tube for
easy filling. Pinch bottom
or square bottom.
Used for: Seed, Feed,
Spices, Sugar, Flour,
Cement, Minerals,
Fertilizer and Perlite.

Multiwall Paper Bags
Woven Polypropylene Bags
  Woven poly bags
are a durable, tear
resistant flexible
Used for: Seed, Nuts,
Feed, Rice, Sugar,
Dry Beans & Peas,
Fertilizer and Sand.

Woven Polypropylene Bags
Paper Woven Poly Laminate Bags
  Paper woven poly
laminate bags are
puncture and tear
Used for: Seed, Feed,
Fertilizer, Cement,
and Minerals

Paper Woven Poly Laminate Bags
Bopp BagsBopp Bags
Bopp bags are perfect
for point of purchase
displays. Zip top closure.
Used for: Dried Beans & Peas,
Seed and Fertilizer.

Bopp Bags
Cotton Bags
Cotton is an eco-friendly,
biodegradable and durable
ber. Drawstring top closure.
Used for: Dried Beans and Peas,
Coins and Money, Seed, Nuts,
Coffee Beans and Flour.

Cotton Bags
Sand Bags
Woven poly sand bags
are exible, durable and
tear resistant. Top tab
closure. Printable.
Same use as larger
woven poly bags.

Sand Bags
FIBC Bulk Bags
  FIBC Bags (flexible intermediate bulk containers)
are made of woven polypropylene. These
heavy duty bags are puncture and tear
resistant and printable.
Used for:

FIBC Bulk Bags
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